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Would you risk liquidating your assets for meeting expenses for treatment and rehabilitation?
A living benefit that provides a lump-sum you can spend on anything you want if you are diagnosed with a specified covered illness

Why should you buy Critical Illness Insurance?

  • Because you won’t risk liquidating your assets for meeting expenses for treatment and rehabilitation.

  • It can help reduce debt and take care of your expenses while you cope with your illness.

  • It can help you consider new medical treatment and medicines not covered by government or private health insurance plan.

  • It may replace any reduction or loss of income for your family member who may have to leave their work to care for you.

Why to choose Non-Medical Critical illness Insurance?

  • No medical tests or exams

  • Easily get coverage in just days

  • Receive up to $100,000 of protection

  • Coverage for Cancer survivors

  • You may be eligible to apply, even with a pre-existing condition

  • Coverage up to age 75

  • Payments don’t start until the second month, applicable on monthly payment plans

The non-medical critical illness policy pays a lump- sum payment that can be used as desired, such as, on rehabilitation, travelling, vacationing, or as a substitute for the missing income of your loved ones who have to devote their time towards your care.
 Non-Medical Critical illness insurance can provide you and your family with the peace of mind that these expenses will not derail your financial plans while you recover.

A Scenario:

“Raj aged 40, now a senior manager in his company. One morning, he found the right side of his body paralyzed. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with an attack of stroke that rendered him paralyzed. Though he survived the stroke, the recovery from paralysis could be a long and expensive journey. His wife, Mandy, has to take leave from her work to look after him. It impacted the family both emotionally and financially. But fortunately, Raj has a Critical Illness Insurance on him worth $100,000, which paid the claim. The family used the money in his rehabilitation, modifying the car, house, and continue paying for the mortgage.”
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