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Our needs at every stage of our life are different.

Our Health,our Family,our Needs and our Financial Situation will continue to evolve throughout our life

A No Medical Permanent / Whole life policy can protect us at all the stages of our life. 

No Medical Permanent or Whole life insurance can provide lifelong protection needed for the risk that does not have an expiry date.

The premiums for the Non Medical Whole life insurance typically remain the same over the lifetime of the life insured.

How the No Medical Permanent Life Insurance works?

No Medical Permanent Life Insurance provides a permanent protection, irrespective of any change in the health at anytime during the policy .
The premiums remain level throughout the policy coverage.

Two Types of No Medical Permanent policies:

Guaranteed issue Permanent plan:
If you have a very serious medical condition or if you have been told you don't qualify for insurance, a guaranteed issue plan may be the plan for you. 
If you are an individual
  • Who have any medical condition or critical illnesses and are unable to get any traditional life insurance coverage.
  • Who is an applicant who involves in high risk occupations or have high-risk hobbies.
  • Who is a smoker or has a history of drug abuse.
The guaranteed Issue policy can cover a risk up to $50000. The Terminal illness benefit and the Transportation benefit may be inbuilt in the policy. However, adding up accidental coverage can be optional. 
Simplified Whole Life Insurance:
This plan is designed for someone who is relatively in good health, engages in extreme sports, and doesn't want to take a medical exam or provide a doctor's report. The protection under this policy starts as soon as it is issued.
The coverage under this plan can go up to $500,000. 
The Terminal illness and Transportation benefits may be included in the policy.
Its optional to include accidental death benefits, child term benefit and Hospital cash benefit.

A Scenario:

“Jhon and Mandy have already purchased a Term policy to cover their Mortgage risk. But they are aware of the expiry of their coverage at the end of the policy term. They purchased a whole life policy for themselves to ensure a lifelong coverage. They may use it as an estate planning tool, potentially borrow money from the CSV of the policy, and leave a legacy for their daughter or some donation for their favorite charity”.
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